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Publications in peer-reviewed journals

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Wesselkamp, M., Roberts, D.R. & Dormann, C.F. 2024 Identifying potential provenances for climate-change adaptation using spatially variable coefficient models BMC Ecology and Evolution, in press.
Adedoya, O.A., Dormann, C.F., Coetzee, A., & Geerts, S. 2024. Moving with your mutualist: Predicted climate-induced mismatch between Proteaceae species and their avian pollinators. Journal of Biogeography 51, 992-1003. pdf
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Peralta, G., .... Dormann, C.F., .... Castillo, W.J. ... & Vázquez, D.P. et al. 2024. Predicting plant-pollinator interactions: concepts, methods, and challenges. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 39, 494-505. pdf

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163 Janeiro-Otero, A., Álvarez, X., Crespo, C.F., Valero, E. & Dormann, C.F. (2022) Grey wolf feeding habits and their geographical variation in Northwest Spain. Food Webs 32, e00248. pdf


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Erratum: Neither paper of Turek & Fletcher made the assumption of not having the full model in the set (p. 7, left column).
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[In some sense outdated by the far more efficient algorithm of Beckett (as of version 2.08 the default in R-package bipartite, function computeModules).]
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