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Biometrie und Umweltsystemanalyse

Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Tennenbacher Straße 4 
79106 Freiburg i. Br.


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Dr. Mathilde Erfurt



 Dr. Mathilde Erfurt

Department of Biometry and Environmental System Analysis

Tennenbacher Straße 4, 79106 Freiburg, Germany
Room 03.066

phone: +  49 761 203-3745
fax: + 49 761 203-3751  
Email:  mathilde.erfurt@biom.uni-freiburg.de



Research Interests

Geographer and hydrologist working on natural hazards with a focus on past droughts and drought impacts in Germany and in the Alpine region. Interested in statistical analysis and data visualizations in R. 


curriculum vitae


Since 07/2021 Research associate  at the Department of Biometry and Environmental System Analysis, University of Freiburg 
2020-2021 Research associate at the chair of Environmental Hydrological Systems, University of Freiburg in the research project  Alpine Drought Observatory (ADO)
2019-2021 Scholarship holder: Foundation of German Business (SDW)
2018-2021 PhD student, University of Freiburg




Research associate at Chair of Physical Geography, University of Freiburg in the research project 'Drier'

2013-2017 Scientific Assistant at the Chair of Physical Geography, University of Freiburg
2014-2017 M.Sc. in Geography and Global Change at Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg

2013, 2014, 2015







Altogether seven months of internship in different facilities: German Aerospace Center (German Aerospace Center, DLR); Erasmus Placement at the Research and Innovation Center, Fondazione E. Mach (FEM), Italy; State Institute for the Environment, Measurements and Nature Conservation Baden-Württemberg (State Institute for the Environment, Measurements and Nature Conservation Baden-Württemberg, LUBW)

B.Sc. in Geography and Environmental Hydrology at Ruprecht-Karls-University and Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg


Publications and Journal Articles

Journal Articles:

  • Erfurt M, Skiadaresis G, Tijdeman E, Blauhut V, Bauhus J, Glaser R, Schwarz J, Tegel W, Stahl K: A multidisciplinary drought catalog for southwestern Germany dating back to 1801 Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci. , 2020; 20 (11): 2979-2995: https://doi.org/10.5194/nhess-20-2979-2020
  • Erfurt M, Glaser R, Blauhut V: Changing impacts and societal responses to drought in southwestern Germany since 1800 Regional Environmental Change , 2019: 1-13: https://doi.org/10.1007/s10113-019-01522-7
  • Stephan, R.; Erfurt, M.; Terzi, S.; Žun, M.; Kristan, B.; Haslinger, K.; Stahl, K. (2021): An inventory of Alpine drought impact reports to explore past droughts in a mountain region. In: Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 21 (8), S. 2485-2501.  https://doi.org/10.5194/nhess-21-2485-2021


Book Chapters:

  • Glaser R, Erfurt M: Drought as a global phenomenon. In: Gebhardt, H., Glaser, R., Radtke, U., Reuber, P., and Vött, A. (Eds.): Geographie: Physische Geographie und Humangeographie Springer , 2020








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